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Friday, June 02, 2006

Well, I figured I'd better start writing in this blog, rather than do productive things I should be doing.

Call me JR. I'm a rising sophomore at a liberal arts college in Michigan, where I'm majoring in physics and math (thinking about dropping this to an applied math minor). I want to be a professor, both because I like teaching and want to research- probably theoretical cosmology. Going to MIT's a long-time dream of mine- I've wanted to go there since I was three feet tall- but I'm holding off to apply there for grad school. I'd also like to end up at Columbia because of the strangeness that would arise- their director of high-level theoretical physics is Dr. Brian Greene, whose book "The Elegant Universe" inspired me to study physics instead of chemistry (and I thank him for this. I count this as one of the reasons I bought the hardcover of The Fabric Of The Cosmos instead of waiting for the softcover to come out.).

I'm a competitive fencer, and my goal for the year is to qualify for nationals in women's epee. I also write some quite liberal editorials for the student newspaper.

I'll write about what catches my fancy. Some of it may be over your head if you're not a physicist, but I'll try using less jargon so you can understand it. I might even review some physicsy books for you to try reading for fun.

Catch ya on the flip side,



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